Casa Ingrid

The spacious House

Location wise, Casa Ingrid lies very close to all amenities that you might want to get your hands on.  The combination of a spacious rooms, a heated pool and big outdoor area, and even your very own movie theater really creates the feeling of relaxation and luxury. 


 The mansion contains 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and enough sleeping room for up to eighteen guests.  

There is of course WIFI in the house and there is even a Bluetooth based speaker system within every room.



A private heated pool and huge backyard

Whether it’s a hot summer day or milder winter day, the pool is always there to welcome you. Attached to the pool is a smaller slide intended for children. The backyard is a great place to chill out and play in.  Run up to the treehouse or take a sun chair and relax in the sun.

Enjoy the grill and bar by the pool.

Right outside the door to the backyard you’ll find the bar and grill. Treat yourself to a barbecue and eat outside in front of the TV watching your favorite sports team play. 

Why not even rent a bartender for the night? Turn some music on, jump in the pool and get some good drinks going.

A private movie theater

This is the perfect room for when you want the cinema experience without actually having to leave the house. Pop some popcorn, get some sodas and turn on your favorite movie. A great place to let the kids hang out at night while the parents spend some time enjoy themselves on the patio. 

With cool LED-lights and comfy sofas, you’re guaranteed to get the whole experience.

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